Sunday, September 01, 2019

Today -100: September 1, 1919: Of the sincerity of Japan, spirits of aggression and cupidity, veeps, and lynchings

Japanese Prime Minister Hara Takashi says China completely misunderstands its intentions towards Shantung. “The day will arrive when China will come to comprehend the sincerity of Japan.”

Speaking of people who fail to comprehend the sincerity of Japan, which he accuses of a “spirit of aggression and cupidity toward Korea,” Syngman Rhee declares the Republic of Korea. He pointedly refers to the 14 Points and the US Declaration of Independence.

The traditional NYC Labor Day parade is cancelled due to the high cost of living, specifically the cost of costumes.

Woodrow Wilson celebrates Labor Day by asking unions not to strike because he’s pretty sure he’ll get inflation down any day now. And his vice president says that he can’t live within his salary and is considering striking. He does admit he is holding a job “which has so little labor connected with it,” but he worked hard in the past and so deserves a little breathing spell.

The race rioting (i.e., white people attacking black people) in Knoxville, Tennessee continues. Blacks break into pawn shops and hardware stores to acquire firearms and wind up in firefights with the National Guard, who have machine guns. And use them. Incidentally, during the initial incident yesterday, the mob not only tore the jail apart looking for a black man to lynch, they let all the white prisoners go.

A large mob in Boaglusa, Louisiana, lynch a black ex-soldier for allegedly attacking a white woman. His body is then dragged through the town tied to a car and burned.

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