Friday, September 20, 2019

Today -100: September 20, 1919: Of delights, agitators, cataclysms, German efficiency, and field guns

The Seattle longshoremen’s union members will stop loading arms for the Russian Whites, which were to sail for Siberia aboard the steamer Delight.

New York Mayor John Hylan responds to attempts to create a unified union for all city workers by writing to the heads of all city departments, telling them to identify employees who “spend more time agitating and making trouble” than working and zero out their positions in the next budget.

The Peace Conference hands Bulgaria its peace terms. The Bulgarian delegates blame any wrongdoings committed by their country on the deposed monarchy and say the alliance with Germany was forced on the Bulgarian people and “came to them as a cataclysm.” Those words from Gen. Georgi Todorov, who seems to have suppressed his misgivings quite well while commander-in-chief of the army.

Allied warships are pointing their guns at Fiume, pointedly. D’Annunzio says he will fight, the Italian army I guess, if attacked, and if necessary will blow up Fiume in order to save it, as is the custom. A day after the censorship on Fiume was lifted, it’s reimposed. The Italian government can’t commit to any course of action on anything related to Fiume.

In more fallout from the suppression of the Bavarian Soviet Republic, six members of the Soviet are found guilty of having murdered hostages, sentenced to death, and executed, in the same day.

The British government is, presumably, offering German military items as displays for parks and such. The municipal council of Nenagh, County Tipperary, Ireland, accepts the offer of two field guns – as long as they are in working order and come with shells.

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