Friday, September 06, 2019

Today -100: September 6, 1919: The supremacy will be ours

The Peace Conference  tells Germany that if it doesn’t annul the bit of its constitution allowing for Anschluß, the Allies will occupy the right bank of the Rhine. French Gen. Charles Mangin, in charge of troops in occupied Rhineland, orders German officials not to take the oath to the new constitution.

Mexican Gen. Salvador Alvarado issues an open letter to his boss Carranza, warning that Mexico is totes fucked up and the US will probably invade soon.

Woodrow Wilson reassures St. Louis that the US would be the “senior partner” in the League of Nations: “The supremacy will be ours.” The choice, he says, is between armed isolation and peaceful partnership. He says if the US doesn’t join the League it will be a “quitter.”

Women get the vote in Italy, the NYT reports, incorrectly.

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