Thursday, June 04, 2020

Today -100: June 4, 1920: Of beeckmans, segregation, and war laws

Rhode Island Gov. R. Livingston Beeckman, which is the most Republican-Rhode-Island-Governor name imaginable, in Chicago for the Republican National Convention, complains that the Republican senators plan to take complete control over the convention. Chairman of the Prohibition National Committee Virgil Hinshaw, which is the most Chairman-of-the-Prohibition-National-Committee name imaginable, wants to question the candidates about prohibition.

For the first time the two parties’ conventions will have “electrical sound amplifying devices,” courtesy of Ma Bell.

The RNC passes a motion that no delegations be seated in the future if elected at places (hotels etc) in the South from which blacks are banned.

The House of Representatives votes 343-3 to repeal most war laws. Not included: food and fuel control acts, which R’s like because they can be used against strikes. R’s claim it’s actually about punishing profiteering.

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