Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Today -100: July 28, 1921: “Ah knows ev’y inch o’ Vaginny” is also the name of a 1921 porno, probably

A German court overturns the House of Hohenzollern laws, under which kaisers dictated the lives of members of their family. In this case, Prince Eitel Friedrich, current legal head of the former royal family, tried to keep Princess Marie-Auguste away from her son, 4-year-old Prince Karl, whose father Prince Joachim committed suicide a year ago. When the court rejected his authority to do so, Eitel attacked Marie-Auguste as an unfit mother who had run away from the family, and not alone if you know what I mean, but she made an emotional plea and got her kid back.

Some time back Secretary of Labor James Davis took a cab after his train failed to get him where he needed to be for a meeting, only for the cab to get lost, or something, and Davis gave up on the whole thing, telling the cabbie to collect from the railroad company. When they didn’t cough up, the cabbie gave up... until he saw a newspaper story about the whole thing which put negro dialect – “Ah knows ev’y inch o’ Vaginny, but this yer car can’t make mo’n thuty” – into his mouth, which infuriated him because he is not a negro, and now he’s going after Davis for that fare.

Headline of the Day -100:  

They obviously realize this is another bullshit rumor, but does it stop them from printing it? No it does not.

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  1. One thing I particularly like about your page is the constant reminder that the NYT was always a piece of garbage.

    On the other hand I'm not sure whether I should feel better or worse about that.

  2. Although for once they show a little scepticism about their source. No apologies for all the bad reporting on Russia, of course, and no corrections to those stories. The NYT only instituted a regular corrections section in 1970.