Sunday, October 24, 2021

Today -100: October 24, 1921: Inevitable and final catastrophes are the worst kind of catastrophe

The forces supporting former emperor Charles’s coup attempt in Hungary send government forces fleeing in their first encounter. The Horthy government reassures the Allies that the monarchy will not be restored – at this time – and that Charles will be forced to leave the country. It declares martial law and calls on the people to “restrain the royalists and plotters who are plunging Hungary into inevitable and final catastrophe.” The NYT is full of unverified rumors: the Horthy government has fallen; Charles is already in Budapest; Czechoslovakia is about to invade; Yugoslavia is about to invade; Romania is about to invade...

Paris police & troops again prevent Communists from protesting the Sacco & Vanzetti convictions at the US Embassy.

The Workers’ League, a radical-communist group running candidates in the NYC elections, complains about their meetings being broken up by cops and Socialists, accusing the latter of resorting to “capitalistic violence.”

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