Monday, October 25, 2021

Today -100: October 25, 1921: Of beer, königputsches, pardons, and lynchings

Since the Senate failed to pass a bill banning beer, the IRS is forced to draw up  rules for medicinal beer (technically, the prescribing of beer has been legal but without these regulations it couldn’t be done). No more than 2½ gallons of beer, or 2 quarts of wine can be prescribed at one time. Doctors are not permitted to prescribe booze for themselves. (Only 9 states permit prescribing beer, though: California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, NY, NJ, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Wisconsin).

The Hungarian authorities arrest former emperor Charles and Mrs. former emperor Zita 40 miles from Budapest. The details are somewhat unclear, thanks to Hungarian censorship. It sounds like a couple of hundred of the soldiers who defected to Charles were killed in clashes and more of the army stayed loyal to the government than the Carlists expected (they’d anticipated marching triumphantly into Budapest unopposed, their path strewn with flowers). So the army was able to surround them, forcing a surrender and some ignominious fleeing. The Allies demand that Charles be deposed as king (the government’s position has been that he is actually king but that circumstances prevent him ruling at present), which they didn’t demand even after Charles’ last coup attempt last Spring.

To celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary, Italy’s King Victor Emmanuel III pardons, among others, Fascists who attacked Socialists (and vice versa, but we know who the aggressors mostly were) and legionaries who supported Fiume’s independence against Italy.

A black man is seized by a lynch mob at the railroad station in Fairfax, South Carolina, where a sheriff who had arrested him for murdering a white farmer was trying to get him to Columbia “for safekeeping.” The mob shoots him and burns the body, possibly post-mortem, possibly not.

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