Saturday, September 14, 2002

Don't hate, masturbate

Good story in LA Times on the likely price various countries will demand for support for an Iraqi war. A must-read.

The Calif. state prison in Lancaster is denying visits to black inmates--and only black inmates--after violent incidents. Evidently, this is common.

A Fox poll says that 69% of Americans think that Iraq already has nukes (12% are not sure). 74% of those back the war. Of those who know that Iraq does not have nukes, only 49% back it. 76% think that if he had nukes he’d use them on the US, which is patently absurd--even if he wanted to, which he doesn’t, his missiles would never reach us. In other words, much of the support for this war is based on deficient understanding. Which one can blame partly on government propaganda, partly on crappy news media (Fox, for example), but it also suggests how low a level of engagement there is with this war, that most people aren’t seeking out or paying attention to information.

In an editorial on civil liberty in Britain after 9/11, the Guardian quotes Alfred Hitchcock: “I'm not against the police; I'm just afraid of them.”
Slogans: More wanks, less tanks; Spill your seed, not blood; Don’t hate, masturbate.

Florida fucks up its elections yet again, and the law fails, again. The Jeb Bush-appointed election commission threw out Janet Reno’s request to, to coin a phrase, count every vote, so now her best hope is that it becomes mandatory because she is within .5% of McBride, which right now she isn’t, but it’s close. The problem with that provision is that the irregularities were massive. Should we hold to the .5% thing if the new voting machines in entire precincts failed to record a single vote? And others registered a turnout of more than 100%.

McBride wouldn’t have beaten Reno, if he has, without help from Jeb Bush, who considers him the stronger challenge and ran nasty ads against him, yet another example of the illegitimate practice I complained of from Gray Davis, intervening in the primary of the other party. I tend to think Jeb is right in this case, but it would practically be a first.

Asst secretary of state Otto Reich asks Governor Jesse Ventura to avoid “sexual tourism” during a trade mission to Cuba. Reich should have been immediately fired for this insult to a governor, but wasn’t. I didn't know sexual tourism was a problem in Cuba--outside of Guantanamo, where the pictures we've seen suggest bondage is all the rage.

Speaking of insulting language, Bush today suggested that the UN “show some backbone” against Iraq. Soon he’ll be calling them big sissy heads. He’s doing the same towards Congress, insisting that it act before the UN.

Meanwhile, Libya continues taking over the resources of every poor country in Africa on the cheap. The latest is the Central African Republic, which I’m guessing is in the center of the continent, giving Libya the right to exploit its rather impressive oil and mineral resources for 99 years. Also this week, Gaddafi renewed a deal with Zimbabwe, ensuring that for a little bit of oil, he’ll get a lot of those farms from which those poor victimized white farmers are being evicted.

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