Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Today -100: May 4, 1921: Of primaries, amusing terror, draft dodgers, and dangerous music

New York abolishes primary elections for state offices and for the US Senate, reverting to nomination of candidates by party conventions. Primaries will continue for the House of Representatives, the state Legislature, and city and county offices.

Headline of the Day -100:  

Some weird shit winds up on the “Amusements” page.

Secretary of War John Weeks says he’ll bring to trial every single man who signed up for the draft during the Great War but failed to turn up, who he deems deserters subject to courts-martial.

It seems that despite what Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge said during the Senate debate on the Knox Resolution revoking the declaration of war, Harding has NOT definitely decided against re-submitting the Versailles Treaty to the Senate in a modified form and in favor instead of negotiating a separate peace with Germany and Austria.

The bill restricting immigration passes the Senate 78-1. Hiram Johnson’s amendment to allow in victims of religious or political persecution loses 60-15.

France announces it will only use white troops to occupy the Ruhr.

U.S. Steel reduces the wages of 150,000 of its employees by 20%.

The mayor of Noeux les Mines in Northern France bans music in public buildings because he thinks music is dangerous to public morals. Protesters will treat him to nightly serenades, so maybe it was his plan all along was to get free music?

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