Thursday, June 10, 2021

Today -100: June 10, 1921: No Jew has succeeded in getting the better of Mr. Ford

Mexican Pres. Álvaro Obregón says any treaty with the US has to come after the US recognizes the Mexican government, not as a precondition.

Roderick McLean, who tried to shoot Queen Victoria in 1882, dies in Broadmoor Asylum, where he’s been ever since.

Henry Ford sends a letter to Ford officials denying rumors about the turbulence of the Ford Company earlier in the year and about why he hates Jews, denying that it’s because they refused him loans. “No Jew has succeeded in getting the better of Mr. Ford.” The letter says “There is no attack and no campaign against the Jews” because Jewish influence is strong enough to crush anyone who discusses the Jewish question, while “Jewish leaders have gone from one excess to another.”

The Coalition Government in Britain keeps losing by-elections. In Heywood and Radcliffe (Lancashire), a by-election called when the MP and former postmaster-general was made a peer is won, amusingly enough, by a farm worker employed by that peer, Walter Halls (Lab.). And in Westminster St. George’s, the coalition candidate is defeated by James Erskine of the Anti-Waste League, which was created in January by newspaper tycoon Lord Rothermere. The anti-waste thing is supposed to appeal to women voters.

The British government publishes what it claims is the text of a draft treaty from a year ago between Russia and the Irish Republic, which may or may not be real, but anyway never went anywhere.

D.H. Lawrence’s Women in Love is finally published in the UK.

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