Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Today -100: June 16, 1921: Of machine guns, kings, horses, and glands

US customs agents intercept 600 Tommy guns (down to 495 in tomorrow’s paper) which were to be shipped from Hoboken to Ireland.

British Colonial Secretary Winston Churchill’s plans for the Middle East, including installing Emir Faisal as King of Mesopotamia (after a plebiscite), are not being well received by the French, who deposed him as king of Syria last year. Churchill also plans to make Faisal’s brother Abdullah king of Transjordan.

Churchill’s other plan is that when most British troops leave Mesopotamia, 30,000 of their horses will be slaughtered.

A NY judge postpones sentencing a 36-year-old woman burglar until she has some sort of glandular treatment that’s supposed to cure her criminal tendencies.

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