Thursday, June 17, 2021

Today -100: June 17, 1921: We’ll keep an eye on the men too

Supposedly, Bolshevism has “broken out” in the Polish forces in Upper Silesia.

A white mob in Autreyville, Georgia burn several houses and a negro church, presumably because they were pissed off that last week they failed to lynch a black man accused of killing a white girl last week (they will lynch him on Saturday, after he’s brought back to town for trial, a trial which seems to have been as fast, with a verdict as inevitable, as was the custom).

Ironic Headline of the Day -100:  

Chicago Beach Superintendant William Burkhardt, who last year told women bathers “Let your conscience be your guide” about bathing costumes, announces that they didn’t have a conscience and so he’s imposing rules: knickers to within 4 inches above the knees and skirts two inches below that, and one-quarter sleeves. “We’ll keep an eye on the men too,” he says.

There are no laws in the US (state or federal) preventing people flying unsafe airplanes.

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