Thursday, June 15, 2006

If Iraq is free, why do I feel like I’ve been overcharged?

That Pentagon briefing book is available here with the format and pretty pictures in WordPad or here in html without. Thanks to alert readers KEn and Bodo. Nothing hugely interesting beyond the fact that it was issued, as I said 3 posts ago, by the Pentagon. Just the usual talking points: we were right to go to war, we’re winning the war, really we are, stay the course, Saddam bad, 9/11, etc. There’s less of the usual spreading-freedom happy talk, although what there is of it is especially vainglorious: “A free Iraq will change the world.”

It indeed crosses the line into the political, using pre-war quotes from Kerry, Gore, Hillary Clinton, Carl Levin etc. and says “The Terrorists Draw Hope from American Defeatism.”

Things misspelled by the experts at the Pentagon: Osama bin Landen, Talban...

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