Saturday, August 15, 2015

Today -100: August 15, 1915: With no other inspiration save the thought of their afflicted land

Kaiser Wilhelm responds to the Pope’s letter about peace saying that of course he’s willing to negotiate peace – if the other side makes the first move.

It’s not just the German socialist party that is divided about the war. The National Liberal Party is also squabbling, with the more war-like members demanding the annexation of Belgium and parts of France (chiefly the ones with coal under them). This is interesting in that the government is trying to prevent any public discussion of Germany’s war aims. What Germany is fighting for is literally a state secret.

British press baron Lord Northcliffe will begin an organized campaign to introduce conscription.

The US, supported by the ambassadors of 6 Latin American countries (who don’t actually claim to be speaking for their governments), sends a letter – a “friendly appeal” – to various Mexican political leaders, generals and warlords. The letter suggests that they have simply failed to notice the deleterious effects of endless civil war “on the prestige and security” of Mexico and need only have those deleterious effects pointed out to them. It proposes a conference of delegates from the military factions, to be held “far from the sound of cannon, and with no other inspiration save the thought of their afflicted land,” to create a provisional government and hold elections. An answer is demanded within ten days.

Well, if that doesn’t solve everything, I don’t know what will.

Britain seized seven steamers from German owners and rechristened them the Hungerford, the Hunsdon, and other Hun-nish names.

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