Sunday, December 23, 2018

Today -100: December 23, 1918: Terrifying novelties are the worst kind, especially terrifying novelties of a most intricate character

Sweden refuses Estonia’s request for military assistance against the Russian invasion.

British Munitions Minister Winston Churchill says Germany is just lucky the war ended when it did, because Britain had a bunch of new weapons it was just about to use, “terrifying novelties, some of a most intricate character.”

All food restrictions are lifted in the US, but rules against profiteering will continue to be enforced for the time being.

The state of Prussia is annoyed that Poland is holding elections on territory that both P’s claim. Prussia tells the people in those areas that voting will be construed as high treason and acceptance of office will be criminally chargeable as impersonation of an official.

Woodrow Wilson visits wounded American soldiers in France. He asks one soldier with wounds in his legs why no one in the hospital has wounds in the upper part of their body. Because soldiers with those wounds “have gone on,” he’s told. He also visits wounded French soldiers at their hospital, but he doesn’t speak French.

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