Thursday, January 02, 2020

Today -100: January 2, 1920: Of the strategic importance of pipes

Chicago police make 300 raids, capturing 200 “reds.” State’s Attorney Maclay Hoyne accuses the Justice Dept of not only refusing to cooperate, but tipping off the reds. Hoyne claims there is a “gigantic conspiracy... to overthrow the United States Government,” much of it headquartered in Chicago.

Marshal Ferdinand Foch says God gave him visions about the strategy to win the war. He adds that he won the war “by smoking my pipe. I mean to say by not getting excited, by reducing everything to its essential, by avoiding useless emotions”.

New Jersey Governor-Elect Edward Irving Edwards thinks the 18th Amendment can be overturned. He has sent his secretary to Washington to look at the original ratifying resolutions from various states, because he thinks some outlaw “alcoholic liquors” instead of “intoxicating liquors,” the actual phrasing of the Amendment. Also, some of them weren’t properly dated. (Update: his secretary won’t find any flaws in the ratifications).

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