Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Today -100: April 21, 1920: Is there news in every little irritant in every community?

The NY State Assembly votes 83-56 to ban the Socialist Party from the ballot and give the attorney general the power to ask the courts to ban any other party with Bad Ideas. Both houses of the Legislature pass a Teachers’ Loyalty Bill.

Britain informs the Russian government that it would view with disfavor any persecution of captured members of the defeated White army of Gen. Denikin and explains that Britain has a moral right to involve itself. The Soviets have already suggested that an amnesty might be arranged in exchange for an amnesty for Hungarian Soviet members (and other concessions, unspecified here).

Speaking to a luncheon of newspaper editors, Vice President Whatsisname Marshall decries all the crime reporting: “Is there news in every petty murder, in every slimy divorce suit? Is there news in every little irritant in every community?” He says papers should instead publish “the things that are helpful.” He says that immigrants, evidently even naturalized ones, unlike native-born Americans, have no right to propose changes in the US system of government (i.e. socialism).

The chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, James Good (R-Iowa) says giving a bonus to veterans would just be insulting: “The greatest badge that the American soldier will wear will be the badge of sacrifice and not the badge of a bonus.” I didn’t know it was either/or.

Mexico says it did not in fact ask the US to allow passage of troops through US territory to attack the Republic of Sonora.

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