Monday, March 15, 2004

You can't organize a war with lies

Sedna is not a planet. Pluto is not a planet either. I hope that settles that.

Bill Maher on why Bush should stop campaigning against Washington: “"Washington insider" is by definition a function of one's proximity to the president. That's you, Mr. Bush. You're ground zero. Ever wonder, sir, why everyone stands and they play music when you enter a room? When you're given check-writing privileges by the Federal Reserve, you just might be a Washington insider.”

Bush: “God loves you, and I love you. And you can count on both of us as a powerful message that people who wonder about their future can hear.”

DO AS WE SAY, NOT AS WE DO: Colin Powell, on Kerry’s claim that foreign leaders want him elected: “It's an easy charge, an easy assertion to make. But if he feels it is that important an assertion to make, he ought to list some names. If he can't list names, then perhaps he should find something else to talk about.” WMDs, Colin?

YOU’RE SO VAIN, I’LL BET YOU THINK THIS SONG IS ABOUT YOU: When Kerry made his open-mike comment that “These guys are the most crooked, you know, lying group I've ever seen,” you’ll notice the R’s immediately assumed he was referring to them. Self-knowledge is a wonderful thing.

You’ll remember that someone turned the sayings of Rummy Rumsfeld into poetry. Someone else has taken the next step of turning that poetry into songs, having it sung by a soprano and putting out a CD. Listen to the songs here.

A kid in Philadelphia has been summoned to face truancy charges, for not showing up at a school he doesn’t actually attend. The fun part is that he got grades for classes at the school he does not attend. Not especially good grades, which is something, although he got a B in gym.

Spain’s next prime minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, says of Bush and Blair, “You can’t organize a war with lies.” Um, sure you can. Evidently it’s considered a really big blow for Bush that Spain has moved from New Europe to Old Europe. And to those on the right (Andrew Sullivan, Tim Hames in the London Times, etc), who are calling this a win for bin Laden, go fuck yourselves. That’s all the refutation they deserve.

PS, it wasn’t Bush who called PM Aznar “president” this time, it was Condi Rice.

An article in new website we need yet another political website, sigh--argues that since the media let Bush get away with an ad with a flat-out lie, that Kerry plans to raise taxes $900b, we can expect more lies.

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