Thursday, April 14, 2005

Outlawing nuclear terrorism. And Swahili

The West Virginia legislature has made Hillbilly English the state’s official language. There’s a bit of a fuss because many legislators voted on the bill (regulating the size of park and recreation boards) without knowing the provision had been added on, because they had not read the bill, which was written in Swahili, just proving how necessary the whole thing is.

The UN General Assembly has voted in favor of a treaty outlawing the use of nuclear weapons by terrorists, and about time because there was this big legal loophole just waiting for terrorists to walk right through it. As we know, terrorists are very concerned with legal niceties.

The treaty doesn’t apply to nuclear war conducted by nation-states; it would hardly be worth the bother to establish a state, write a constitution, blah blah blah, and then not be able to nuke another country).

Oh, and if the terrorists use nuclear weapons within the countries of which they are citizens, that’s also kosher. That should increase the chances of it being ratified in the US, where the NRA supports the right to keep and bear nuclear arms for, say, hunting purposes. If nuclear terrorism were outlawed, only outlaws would... you get the idea.

They’ve been working on this treaty since 1996.

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