Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Or the terrorists win

Sir Ian Blair has told the BBC that he considered resigning as head of the Metropolitan Police after the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, but didn’t because “the big job is to defend this country against terrorism and Kate Moss.” OK, I added the “and Kate Moss” part, but according to the Telegraph, he took time off from the fight against terrorism, in which he is so very indispensable, to take the lead in the decision to investigate the model’s reported drug use.

Blair’s interesting juggling of priorities matches that of Alberto Gonzales, now gearing up for the struggle to rid America of pornography, picking up Ed Meese’s baton, but not in, you know, a gay way. The records of the Meese Commission on pornography, by the way, are stored at the Hoover Institution in Stanford, because if there’s one thing the Hoover Institution needed, it was a really extensive collective of hard core ‘80s porn.

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