Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Misc – yes, a mummified hand, a flying dog, evil priests and Joe Biden, I think that qualifies as a “misc” post

I thought the British newspapers were going to be worthless today, since David Beckham did himself an injury, but by gum we’ve got “Mummified Hand Stolen from Pub” – a pub haunted by the ghost of the “Demented Whist Player,” no less – and “Combat Dogs Take to the Skies for Secret Missions in Afghanistan.”

In priest child abuse news, most of the attention has gone to the pope’s personal involvement in the 30-year cover-up for an abusive priest in Germany, but for sheer assholery, you have to look to Cardinal Seán Brady, who made victims of abuse by a priest in Ireland take an oath of silence – did he make them swear on the Bible? – and is now daring the pope to fire him as the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland. Brady says it wasn’t his responsibility to report the crime to the police.

John Oliver in the Bugle podcast says of Biden’s 90-minute boycott of the state dinner in Israel in response to the announcement of new settlements (would Biden have even bothered to mention it if the announcement had been made the week before he visited or the week after?) that Israeli leaders were punished by being made to fill up on breadsticks.

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