Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today -100: March 27, 1910: Of tariff wars, negro disenfranchisement, and plucky women

Tariff war with Canada has been averted. Still don’t care.

The Democrats of the Maryland Legislature, in caucus, agree to support the Negro Disenfranchisement Bill, which would do just what it sounds like it would do (Spoiler alert: the Lege will pass it and the governor will veto it). The claim is that this is constitutional because Maryland never ratified the 15th Amendment (in fact, the Legislature had rejected the amendment unanimously). (They finally ratified in 1973).

The London County Council had a marathon sitting that began at 2 in the afternoon and ended at 8 the next morning. The NYT is amazed that the 3 women councillors “pluckily” stuck with it, “bright and alert to the very end.”

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