Tuesday, September 25, 2012


For 6½ years this blog and many others relied on the commenting service Haloscan/Echo/JS-Kit. Thousands of comments were made here from 2005 to earlier this year and were entrusted to it. But Haloscan/Echo/JS-Kit decided to get out of the commenting biz, so on Monday, all those comments will vanish. All that cleverness, outrage and snark, gone.

There seems to be no way to import them into the Blogger system.

This is quite upsetting.

I switched to the Blogger comments system a few months ago, so you can make comments or, about twenty times more frequently, try to get spam past the filtering software. Seriously, does it seem likely that readers of this blog are that interested in Louis Vuitton bags?

Anyway, I wish Haloscan/Echo/JS-Kit luck in its future endeavours.

And by luck, I mean syphilis.

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  1. This is wrong!!! It's a little community here and I love reading the comments as much as the initial commentary. I'd like the luxury of being able to go back and read things I haven't gotten to yet. I've started to record the comments with the headings and dates starting with the more recent ones. If we all pitched in we could preserve them and possibly repost? I'm not computer savvy, so maybe I'm way off on this. Also, I'll mention the Way Back Machine, although I'm not sure it can help. Possibly they may have some suggestions, though. I'd hate to see all the wonderful comments lost!!

  2. I do have the old comments, in the form of a giant XML file. What I don't have is a way of getting them onto the site.