Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Preachers of hate

Here’s what happened in the Mother of Parliaments yesterday:

1) David Cameron bragged about keeping “preachers of hate,” by which he meant Muslim preachers of hate, out of the UK, and spoke of the need to “drain the swamps” of “violent extremists.”

2) Meanwhile, in the House of Lords, aka the swamp of sleepy extremists, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby was speaking forcefully against gay marriage.

Welby actually talked about “category errors” by supporters of gay marriage, who, he says, are “failing to understand that two things may be equal but different.” Wow, separate but equal.

By the way, you know how Dan Savage gave a new meaning to the word “Santorum”? Well Just In Welby already sounds kinda...

He said that gay marriage is “an awkward shape, with same-gender and different-gender categories scrunched into it, neither fitting well.” Kinky.

The other chief opponent of the same-sex marriage bill in the Lords is named Lord Dear, because of course he is.

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