Sunday, December 01, 2013

Today -100: December 1, 1913: And the Fatherland has only one

A week ago the Russians arrested and handed over to the Turks a man they’d told Russia was a common or garden-variety murderer. Turned out, he was one of the alleged conspirators behind the assassination of the Grand Vizier in June and had been sentenced to death in his absence. Russia feels it was tricked and demands he be released because it was a political crime. Instead, he “committed suicide.”

Lord Willoughby de Broke sends out a circular, marked “strictly confidential,” to rich landowners calling on them to enroll young men, preferably with military experience, to fight the British Amy over Home Rule.

Punch, December 3:

A Nation of Fire-eaters.
Peaceful Tuton: “Himmel! They have all those armies! And the Fatherland has only one.”

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