Sunday, April 12, 2015

Today -100: April 12, 1915: Of national programs, grand duchesses, neutrality, and barks

Bulgarian Prime Minister Vasil Radoslavov says there is a new situation in the war, and Bulgaria will soon abandon neutrality “to realize its national program.”

The “daughter of the Tsar” who recently inspected a hospital is actually the 16-year-old daughter of a fruit dealer. She charmed everyone by being quite down-to-earth for a, you know, princess. In a few years, the real grand duchess would no doubt be quite willing to be mistaken for the daughter of a fruit dealer.

A fight between striking fur finishers and scabs in Newark, NJ results in the deaths of two of the strikers. The strikers were mostly Russians, the strike-breakers Greeks.

The German ambassador to the United States, Count von Bernstorff, makes public a memorandum he sent the US government complaining about it allowing sales of munitions to the Allies while not protecting food shipments to Germany from British seizure. It’s almost like he thinks Wilson isn’t being as neutral as he proclaims himself. Bernstorff explains that, yes, Germany did sell arms to belligerents during the Balkan Wars, but that was totally different, because someone would have sold arms to those countries, but in this war, every country that manufactures arms is already at war, except the US. The US is rather annoyed that Bernstorff leaked his memo to the press.

The French newspaper Temps reported that before the war started an artist’s model prophesied that it would begin on August 2nd and end 5/22/15 and that he would be murdered in November – and he was! The Journal des Débats reports that the Virgin Mary appeared to a 7-year-old girl on Palm Sunday, telling her that her father had been wounded and the news would arrive in 3 days, then she would die (the girl, not the Virgin Mary), and the war would end in May – and the news did come and the girl did drop dead!

Weird Nautical Headline of the Day -100:

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