Monday, April 13, 2015

Today -100: April 13, 1915: War is inevitable

Italy’s former alliterative Prime Minister (4 times, and he’s not done yet) Giovanni Giolitti says that Italy’s entry into the war, which he opposes, is now inevitable.

Germany retaliates against British POWs for the treatment by Britain of German submarine crews. They picked out soldiers and officers from prominent families.

Thomas Edison is equipping US submarines with apparatuses allowing them to remain submerged for 100 days without poisoning the crew with chlorine gas from their batteries.

Former Mexican dictator Victoriano Huerta arrives in New York. At the pier a messenger boy hands him a box. After he gets to his hotel, the Ansonia, he decides that it looks kind of like a bomb. He calls the reception desk and they send up the hotel dick, who agrees that it looks kind of like a bomb, and sends for an explosives expert and explorer, Russell Hastings Millward who happens to be staying at the hotel. Millward agrees that it looks kind of like a bomb and wants to open the box and see, but Huerta stops him. The box is taken to a police station, where Inspector Dwyer agrees that it looks kind of like a bomb. Millward opens it up anyway and it turns out to be a roll of writing by some crazy person.

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