Thursday, May 04, 2017

Today -100: May 4, 1917: Of food powers, war aims, and the Jews of Palestine

President Wilson sends a bill to Congress giving the president the power to control food production, distribution and prices during wartime. Also fuel, clothing, etc. And the power to seize factories, mines, etc. And to limit the use of grain for liquor. Not that Wilson wants to use all these powers, he says, he just wants the threat.

German Chancellor Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg will soon say more about Germany’s war aims. He is under attack for this from the right, who are calling him weak because being specific about terms for peace is something the Socialists want. The Socialists have been pushing No Annexations, No Indemnity. The right, while evidently having given up on annexing, say, parts of Belgium and France (specifically the parts with coal under them), still strongly demand that Germany’s enemies pay indemnities so Germany doesn’t wind up in debt or have its taxes put up.

The Ottoman governor of Palestine allegedly threatened to exterminate all Jews there.

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