Saturday, May 06, 2017

Today -100: May 6, 1917: Of governors, soviets, suicides, and steam airplanes

The new German “governor” of Belgium, Baron Ludwig von Falkenhausen, takes up his post. His nephew will hold the same post when Germany again occupies Belgium in the Second World War.

Everything is fine in Russia again: the Petrograd Workers’ and Soldiers’ Soviet passes a vote of confidence in the government (by a narrow majority). The Duma will soon be re-convened for the first time since the February Revolution.

Eldon Jacob Crull, who lost the primary race for Congress to Jeanette Rankin, commits suicide.

Abner Doble of the Abner Doble Motor Vehicle Company says the future of airplanes is steam power (guess how his cars are powered). One (1) steam-powered airplane will successfully fly in 1933, but that’s it.

To summarize, the names in this post are: Ludwig von Falkenhausen, Eldon Crull, and Abner Doble.

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