Friday, October 27, 2017

Today -100: October 27, 1917: Congaing off to war. Yeah I went there.

Brazil declares war on Germany.

Speaker of the House Champ Clark retracts his accusation that New York bankers (he can’t remember if he accused “a ring of New York financiers” or “a ring of New York men,” but of course he meant “a ring of Jews”) were sabotaging the Liberty Loan.

The US will allow pianist Ignace Paderewski

to raise a Polish Legion to fight in the war, although it’s unclear under whose authority they’d fight. Pretty sure it never happened. Paderewski will be prime minister of Poland in 1919.

The NYT – quel surprise! – opposes next month’s women’s suffrage referendum: “is not the anti-suffrage majority better entitled to be saved from the ballot than the suffrage minority to get the ballot?” But the Times is pretty sure “there is a sort of popular impatience with woman suffrage at this time.”

There will be a suffragist parade on 5th Avenue Saturday. The anti association warns shops along the route not to decorate for the parade.

The Indiana Supreme Court invalidates the law giving women the municipal vote. It rules that since the state constitution defines voters as male, the Legislature didn’t have the authority to give votes to women. Carrie Chapman Catt points out that it’s almost impossible to amend the Indiana constitution, so the only path forward is at the federal level.

The Italian government loses a vote of confidence and resigns.

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