Saturday, October 28, 2017

Today -100: October 28, 1917: This is the time to support Woman Suffrage

The Austrian Socialist Party convention demands that the government proclaim the principle of no annexations and no indemnities, giving up its pretensions to control Serbia and Poland.

US troops finally arrive in the trenches in France, sneaking in at night. And the first US artillery shell of the war has been fired, by a red-headed gunner, the NYT informs us.

20,000 women march down New York’s 5th Avenue in support of women’s suffrage. They’re really pushing the theme of women’s war contributions as a reason for suffrage. One banner  says “Our sons are fighting for democracy. In the name of democracy give us the vote.” Others (see below) quote Woodrow Wilson’s support. Other banners reject the National Woman’s Party’s picketing of the White House. There are several black women (which has been an issue of contention in suffrage parades before, though not I think this time).

That’s Carrie Chapman Catt center front.

Note the large poster for Liberty Bonds on the bank at the left.

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