Thursday, December 05, 2019

Today -100: December 5, 1919: Probably best not to google “only after enormous pressure from the ladies”

On a party-line vote, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee decides to send two senators (Fall & Hitchcock) to go to the White House and talk with Pres. Wilson about Mexico. Of course this is really a pretense to see if Wilson’s a drooling imbecile or dead or what (they’re being referred to in Washington as the Smelling Committee).

Meanwhile, in Mexico, consular agent William Jenkins, the cause of all the fuss, remains defiantly in prison, refusing to post bail.

Oklahoma Gov. James Robertson has called for volunteer scab coal miners during the strike, and will join them in mining some coal. They will be guarded by federal soldiers but Robertson has asked that no negro troops be sent as that “might involve us in unnecessary conflict and confusion.”

Missouri Gov. Frederick Gardner seizes 15 coal mines, which the state will operate itself to relieve the coal shortage. It’s trying to find scabs to run them. “The people of the state are freezing, and there is no time now to quibble over wages, rights of the mine operators and such minor problems.” He says the children of the Home for Feeble Minded are cold.

Poland claims there is a plot, led by German monarchists and pan-Germans, to foment a revolution in Silesia and seize power before Entente occupation troops are due to arrive.

Nancy Astor interjects in a Parliamentary debate on a women’s suffrage amendment to the Government of India Bill, responding to Secretary of State for India Edwin Montagu:

The amendment, opposed by the government, loses.

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