Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Today -100: March 10, 1920: Of independent progressives, retiring from public life, and #NegotiationFail

Gen. Leonard Wood wins the New Hampshire Republican primary. Herbert Hoover seems to have won the Democrat primary. Hoover writes to some California Republicans who want him to run as an R, saying he is an “independent progressive,” equally opposed to the reactionary wing of the R’s and the radical wing of the D’s. Also, too, he’s not running for office. But... he seems to leave open the possibility of being drafted into office, which the NYT will characterize as “Mr. Hoover will accept a nomination, but he will not lift a hand to get one.”

The Duchess County, NY Democratic Committee endorses Assistant Navy Secretary Franklin D. Roosevelt for US Senate. FDR is not actually running for Senate, and says he wants to retire from public life.

Negotiations between Italy and Yugoslavia fail. Yugoslavia is now demanding that if Italy gets part of Albania, Valona (or Vlorë, as the Albanians call it), it wants Scutari (or Shkodër, as the Albanians call it). No one seems to be asking Albanians what they think. No one ever does.

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