Thursday, January 15, 1998

Hallmark is to develop sympathy cards for the relatives of suicides. The mind boggles.

Those of you who were with me in cyber-land in 1996 will remember I said at the time that the alleged traces of Martian life found on the meteorite in Antarctica would turn out not to be Martian. Far be it from me to miss a chance to say I told you so. I told you so.

Jamaica to resume executions.

More on that sex survey: PBS watchers have more sex than average, Catholics more than Protestants but less than Jews or agnostics (no word about atheists--they're the ones who are not saying Oh god oh god oh god during it), the richest have sex 5% more than average. Jazz listeners have more sex than rap listeners (unless you count what happens in prison). While the average may be 58 sex episodes (episodes?) per year, 15% of adults are having half the sex. The figure about the highly-educated having less sex actually means that women are having no sex, concentrating on their careers. Men have wives. People who go to concerts and sporting events have more sex, also those who smoke and drink, or own a gun. Adjust your lifestyles accordingly.

Those tobacco company documents make fun reading. Today they're claiming it's a typo, that they weren't going after 13-year olds, but 18 year olds. Don't let any kids read these documents: they'll be delighted to read that someone thinks of 12-year olds as "younger adults" (well, you can also be executed in Texas, I suppose those counts). They are also referred to as beginning smokers and, my personal favorite, replacement smokers.

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