Saturday, January 03, 1998

An Israeli kibbutz is the last to end a creapy kibbutzim tradition, close its childrens' barracks and return the kiddies to their parents.

The most bombed nation in the history of warfare is...anyone? That's right, Laos. Not only was it bombed in its own right, but US planes returning to Thailand from aborted bombing missions on North Vietnam dumped their payloads in Laos so as not to land with bombs on board. 30% of those bombs failed to go off, and continue to kill hundreds of children and others every year. It isn't as sexy as landmines, but they are a bitch to defuse. Mostly because the US refuses to tell anyone how to do it.

Most unfortunate sentence in a eulogy: someone at Michael Kennedy's funeral said that he'd touched a lot of people. Yeah, but he was never convicted! Nice to see a Kennedy in a story that would otherwise grace a Dave Barry column or News of the Weird. I guess he shouldn't have tried to punt.

I trust everyone's following the new twist in our Cuban refugee policy, where some refugees were given exemptions to the usual policy of not allowing any boat people into the US, which applied to others on the same raft. To quote the NY Times, these Cubans "had a big advantage over their compatriots. They can pitch, catch or hit a baseball really well." Baseball been berry berry good to me.

Unfortunate headline: "Officer Shot by Man Celebrating New Year".

Dan Quayle being Dan Quayle last year: "You need to take these life-threatening drugs seriously and get them on the market."

You-are-tampering-in-god's-domain headline, from London Sunday Times: "Scientists build living breasts". Evidently it's a natural process something like cloning, I guess, that should replace silicone.

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