Saturday, April 12, 2003

Goodbye, Frank Burns.

The Italian Supreme Court rules that a woman getting a divorce from a man who turned out to be gay is not entitled to any alimony because it wasn't a real marriage because homosexuals can't properly perform their marital roles. Which is controversial because that's evidently the Vatican's take on the issue, adopted wholesale. Which you can tell because it's both homophobic and, no doubt unlike her husband, screws the woman.

Historian David Irving loses his libel case, as the judge says that he is a racist Hitler-loving, Holocaust-denying asshole. He may not actually have said asshole. But he implied it. As much as I enjoy seeing Irving kicked solidly in the goolies, this is something of a problem for me, since the man is essentially being found guilty (if you can be found guilty in a libel case in which you are the plaintiff) of being a lousy historian. That's more pressure than I care to work under.

Speaking of historical revisionism, someone leaked in light of the Bloody Sunday inquiry, that the massacre was not started by British soldiers but by Martin McGuiness, current Sinn Fein #2, who supposedly shot the first bullet. There is no evidence for this whatsoever.

Back to Irving. He started this libel action with very substantial funds raised by fascists world-wide (notably Florida) who seem to be escaping scot free now that Irving is supposed to be paying a few million in legal costs to Penguin. This is just not right.

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