Friday, April 18, 2003

Snow day

Simon Wiesenthal, 94, has decided to retire as a Nazi hunter. Quitter.

Testing mania continues: 4th graders in Massachusetts took the state’s standardized test, and were told to write about their last snow day. This question did not take into account global warming--Boston hasn’t had a snow day in 2 years. So the superintendent ordered all 4th graders to take the test again, presumably asking them about the last time they had to take a pointless standardized test. Only the parents objected, so now parents can opt their kids out.

Cute piece on Chalabi’s first press conference in Iraq, punctuated by gunfire. Says the Indy: “he refused to explain what the flag of his movement – yellow, green and blue with what looked like red cluster bombs in the middle – symbolised.” Asked to explain why his “volunteer” Free Iraqi Forces tell reporters they are being paid $300 a month by him, he says that it’s not $300.

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