Saturday, June 18, 2005

All innocent human life is precious

The Taliban have captured the district chief and district police chief for Miana Shien, as well as other officials. Fortunately, the Taliban promise a fair trial. “If they are found guilty they’ll be executed. If not they will be released.” So that should turn out ok then. Maybe they could get Michael Jackson’s lawyer.

The Pentagon reports that in its latest offensive in Iraq, Operation Spear, in which, it turns out, no actual spears were used, “Some 50 rebels have been killed and another 100 captured.” Now, Left I may be sceptical, but I salute the military for its commitment to round numbers in an otherwise messy, confusing war. Three ten cheers for them!

Jeb Bush, who just ordered an investigation, 15 years late, of whether Terri Schiavo’s husband called 911 a few minutes late, got out his crayons and wrote a letter to the NYT in which he used the word “life” as many times as he could, including in this sentence: “All innocent human life is precious, and government has a duty to protect the weak, the disabled and the vulnerable.” But enough about your relatives, Jeb. For someone who starts off accusing the Times of “grotesque and chilling disrespect for the sanctity of life” (there’s that word again), you’ll notice the qualifier: “innocent” human life is precious, the rest we put in the electric chair. The Miami Herald (registration/BugMeNot) has this cringe-inducing headline: “We’d Do it All Again, Republicans Say.” Scotty McClellan says that Shrub would have played his part exactly the same way: “Our thoughts and prayers remain with her family and friends. The president was deeply saddened by this case.” Aw, he made his sad-monkey face?

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