Saturday, February 16, 2013

Today -100: February 16, 1913: Of French suffragettes, self-proclaimed presidents, voting kings, and bathtub trusts

French suffragists, the NYT says, will soon adopt British militant tactics, window-breaking and the like. They won’t, actually, but what’s interesting is that the demand of even this supposedly militant wing of French suffragists is for the vote for single, widowed and divorced women only, with a married woman allowed to vote only if her husband gives permission or is incapacitated.

Well, the NYT is just ignoring the fact that it reported yesterday -100 that Mexican Pres. Francisco Madero had resigned, which he hadn’t. Just pretending those front-page stories never happened. (Meanwhile, the LAT prints a story denying that Madero has been shot dead. And indeed he hasn’t been. Yet.)

Emilio Vásquez Gómez, released on bail in San Antonio, where he was arrested for violating the neutrality laws, crosses back into Mexico and declares himself president.

Taft and his Cabinet meet and decide again against military intervention in Mexico. Basically, Taft is too polite to leave that big a mess for Wilson, and too big a stickler for the Constitution to send in troops without Congress ordering it. Also, he thinks it would just make the situation in Mexico worse.

Maj. John Finley, Governor of the Southern Zone of the Philippines, is sent to Turkey on a mission from the US government to ask the Sultan to tell Muslims in the Philippines to submit to American colonial rule.

The House of Lords rejects Welsh Church disestablishment.

Franz Schuhmeier, an Austrian Socialist member of Parliament, is shot dead in a Vienna railway station by a Christian Socialist and labor union leader.

The Italian Superior Court rules that King Victor Emmanuel has a right to vote under the new franchise act, which would make him the first king anywhere allowed to vote (Queen Elizabeth II can’t). The king says, “Every man should take part in the affairs of the nation.” The Duchess of Sparta interjects, “And every woman.” The king shrugs his shoulders, as was the custom.

The Great Bathtub Trust Trial results in convictions for criminal conspiracy in restraint of trade. Fines totaling $51,007 are levied on the various individuals and corporations involved in the trust.

With 11 members of the West Virginia Legislature under indictment for bribery in the US senate election, State Senator Gray Silver leaps into action, introducing a bill to abolish the court in Kanawha County which is investigating.

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Actually the queen can vote, but doesn't.