Thursday, February 28, 2013

Today -100: February 28, 1913: Of veeps, divinely appointed punishment of unjust rulers, and joyful dead brides

Hilarious Headline of the Day -100: “MARSHALL TO HELP GOVERN THE COUNTRY; For First Time in Many Years Vice President Will Not Be a Figurehead.” That’s a great joke we get to hear once every four years or so, and it never gets less funny.

Marshall plans to live at the Shoreham Hotel. There was no official residence for VPs until 1974.

Marshall’s wife Lois says women should take care of dress reform and settle the domestic problem (meaning the servant problem, I think) before bothering about trying to get the vote.

Christabel Pankhurst writes in The Suffragette that hunger-striking prisoners will force the British government to choose either votes for women of death for women. She says that “revolutions are the divinely appointed punishment of unjust rulers,” which I guess makes suffragettes avenging angels or something. Christabel, whose sister Sylvia is currently being forcibly fed in prison and whose mother is out on bail, is still living in Paris.

Arthur Conan Doyle suggests that politicians refuse to deal with the suffrage issue until two years after the cessation of militancy.

Headline of the Day -100: “Joy Kills Bride Aged 105.” Marcellina Leon of Los Angeles fought her family in court to establish her competency to marry, dies five days marrying.

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