Sunday, November 06, 2016

Today -100: November 6, 1916: Poland has been given back to Western civilization

Germany and Austria proclaim the restoration of Poland, or at least the parts of Poland held by Russia since 1815, as a nation. They still plan to hold on to the parts of Poland they grabbed during the Partition, although Austria is talking about “autonomy” for Galicia. And not now, of course, after the war. Also there’ll be a king to be named later, presumably a lesser Hohenzollern or Habsburg, and borders also to be determined later. But right now there’ll be a “Polish Legion,” if any Poles care to volunteer to fight for the Teutonic powers. According to the (German) Overseas News Agency, “The Poles are free from Russian oppression; no more to be trodden under the heels of the Cossack. ... Poland has been given back to Western civilization.” So that’ll be nice.

Headline of the Day -100:

Arriving to help a shingle-weavers’ strike (evidently shingles are woven, or used to be). During the strike, Sheriff Donald McRae decided to expel all IWW members from Everett. The IWW decided to fight for free speech, arrived by ship and were met by Sheriff McRae and the same mob of vigilantes that had been terrorizing strikers. A shoot-out ensues, with most of the guns fired by the vigilantes. At least 5 Wobblies are killed, and 2 of the deputized vigilantes (possibly accidentally by fellow deputies – there was a certain amount of alcohol involved). The IWW’s Thomas Tracy will be tried for murder but acquitted. 73 other Wobblies will be held for months and then released without trial after Tracy’s acquittal

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