Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Alberto Gonzales: smug asshole, or the smuggest asshole?

Alberto Gonzales called a press conference about the firings of those 8 US Attorneys, and the lies told to Congress about those firings, passive-voicedly acknowledged that “mistakes were made” while refusing to admit that Congress was lied to (“I believe very strongly in our obligation to ensure that when I provide information to the Congress that it’s accurate and that it’s complete, and I am very dismayed that that may not have occurred here”), insisted that the US attorneys were fired for being “weak performers,” absolved himself of responsibility (“when you have 110,000 people working in the department, obviously there are going to be decisions made that I’m not aware of in real time”), and uttered the most meaningless words a Bush cabinet official can ever utter: “I accept that responsibility.”

Wonkette asks, “Is Gonzales somehow the smuggest asshole in this administration? Is that even possible?”

Actually, that’s a fair question. With Rummy retired, who does hold that title?

Who's the smuggest asshole of all?
George Bush
Laura Bush
Tony Snow
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