Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Meet your new neighbor

It’s been a mixed day. I had some not very good pizza, but on the other hand there were ducks (live ducks, not as a pizza topping), I caught Trader Joe’s trying to overcharge me 20¢ on butter and they didn’t have my preferred brand of cheddar cheese, so I bought some New Zealand grass fed cheddar , which I don’t like at all, but on other hand there were ducks. So with all the ducks and whatnot, I’m a little behind on blogging.

Dan Bartlett, yesterday: “So the President has all the confidence in the world in Alberto Gonzales”. That’s all the confidence. In the entire world. Man, leave some for the rest of us.

Bush, in Mexico: “We are a rule of law.” Whatever.

Gen. Petraeus dragged Maliki to Ramadi yesterday to show that he wasn’t afraid of going to mostly Sunni Anbar province. Maliki went, but he wouldn’t set foot outside a US military base. Petraeus was braver (and heavily guarded). Last sentence of the WaPo article: “As he headed back to the convoy, he stopped at a house, spoke a few words in Arabic and, looking at his soldiers, told the family: ‘Meet your new neighbor.’” And then, I assume, he urinated on their front stoop, just to drive the point home.

Bush and Calderon in Mexico yesterday at some Mayan pyramids.

Mayan pyramids with Secret Service sharpshooters.

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