Friday, January 23, 2015

Today -100: January 23, 1915: “Wolves vs. refugees” would be a great video game

Pope Benedict calls on countries not to commit excesses in the countries they’re invading, but fails to name any countries he thinks are doing so. To name names, he says, would be neither convenient nor useful. Convenient? He also says that people in occupied countries shouldn’t commit any infraction of public order. He also thinks the war is a punishment from God against people whose thoughts are entirely engrossed with the things of the world. I think he blames the recent earthquake in Italy on the same thing.

Prohibition is re-enacted in Alabama, the Legislature over-riding the veto of Gov. Charles Henderson, who had wanted the issue decided by a referendum.

Headline of the Day -100: “Wolves Hunt Refugees.” Carpathian refugees fleeing Austrian troops.

A French newspaper is complaining that German prisoners of war are allowed to just stroll around town, insulting shopkeepers, in this case a shopkeeper selling postcards of German atrocities.

Atrocity postcards: collect them all!

A negro is lynched in Arlington, Georgia.

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