Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Today -100: January 27, 1915: Sie hatten alle nur einen Feind

Japan is demanding that China turn over to it all the German and Austrian concessions, give it permission to build a railroad, give it mining rights, etc etc.

The French newspaper L’Eclaire has been told by the censors, who are pissed at criticisms of their work in the paper, that they will no longer review its articles before publication and the paper can just take its chances on being prosecuted.

The German government is taking over the country’s food supply, banning all private trade in corn, wheat and flour, and seizing all existing stocks.

Catholic schools in Germany are all making children sing Ernst Lissauer’s “Hymn of Hate.” Hate of England, that is.
He is known to you all, he is known to you all,
He crouches behind the dark gray flood,
Full of envy, of rage, of craft, of gall,
Cut off by waves that are thicker than blood.

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