Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The vanishing Amazon link

I removed the Amazon referral link from my sidebar. I noticed that for a while I hadn’t been getting any actual, you know, money from it, and finally got around to checking if anyone had been placing orders through it. Yes, they had. So I connected to Amazon, which said that they had determined, through some sort of proprietary top-secret algorithm or something, that the order had been placed by me or someone I knew, and were therefore ineligible. The only information I can access is what has been purchased, not by whom, so for all I know it was a friend or friends of mine, but if not, I can’t challenge the proprietary top-secret algorithm or something because it’s, you know, proprietary and top secret.

There are two possibilities here: 1) Amazon is cheating me out of my 4%. 2) It knows who my friends are (or people it considers to be my friends). Which is creepy. Either makes it essential that I sever my very slightly remunerative relations with Amazon, but the second, creepy possibility seemed like something I should share with the group.

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