Saturday, July 11, 2015

Today -100: July 11, 1915: Of marines, hurt Germans, bankers, and gravity

US Marines land in Haiti, as is the custom, to protect American property from the fighting.

Jane Addams says the people of Europe are tired of the war, but the governments of Europe aren’t. But “citizens of all the warring nations use the same phrases in speaking of the righteousness of their cause, and the unrighteousness of that of their antagonists.” She says Germans are angry about the US selling supplies and ammunition to the Allies, but are more hurt by it.

Carranza’s forces capture Mexico City. Again. Or say they have.

Daniel LeRoy Dresser, who was president of the Trust Company of the Republic until it collapsed in 1903, commits suicide. He’d been trying to start a company to manufacture a steam generator he has a patent for, but was unable to get financing.

Thomas Jefferson Jackson See, an astronomer on Mare Island, says he has worked out how gravity works. It’s an electrical phenomenon that works at the speed of light. So that settles that.

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