Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Today -100: July 8, 1915: One shell, two shell, red shell, blue shell...

Prison authorities discover that Frank Holt/Erich Muenter wrote to his wife that he put bombs on several ships carrying munitions to Europe with really long timers on their fuses. Since at least 60 of his sticks of dynamite have not been recovered, this seems plausible, so ships are radioed at sea and are searched, but nothing. Spoiler alert: they searched the wrong ships.

South Australia appoints women judges, the first in the British Empire. One is the widow of South Australian Prime Minister Thomas Price.

Bullshit Headline of the Day -100: 

The king of Italy visited the front; the Austrians supposedly knew he was there from a spy and tried to kill him. The article fails to say how many shells were in fact fired, or what they cost.

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