Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Today -100: July 14, 1915: Mark your calendars for October. There’ll probably be a parade.

There is a strike at the Remington Arms Company factories in Bridgeport, CT. The company blames German sympathizers trying to disrupt the production of munitions for the Allies by bribing union leaders. Actually, it’s a jurisdictional dispute between unions over whether the workers hanging shafting, whatever that is, need to belong to the carpenters’ union or the structural iron workers’ union. The iron workers’ union president says “there are no Germans back of this movement, but there are a lot of bad Irish.”

Another of the bombs which are presumed to have been planted by Frank Holt/Erich Muenter goes off on the Touraine, and bombs are discovered on two other ships.

Headline of the Day -100:

Britain claims that its air raids on zeppelin hangars there have stopped Germany’s zeppelin strategy, including the raids on the British mainland.

British coal miners are threatening a strike, and the government is threatening to prosecute them for it. The South Wales miners seem to think that since coal companies are getting much higher prices since the war started, they should pass some of that along to the guys with picks. The coal companies disagree. The miners’ union actually recommended compromise to the Welsh miners, but they voted it down.

Georgia Gov. Harris orders the National Guard to be ready to protect Milledgeville State Farm. He’s heard rumors of plans to attack it to lynch Leo Frank.

Kaiser Wilhelm says the war will be over in October. That’ll be nice.

In October, not by October? Huh.

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