Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Today -100: September 3, 1919: Of deaf presidents, angry Frenchies, racial ascendancies and oppressions, workers of the world uniting, and sedition

Headline of the Day -100: 

And yet they’re getting louder and louder.

Headline of the Day -100:  

10 days ago, the Allies ordered Romania to stop looting Hungary, but Romanian troops are still running riot over the country, issuing demands (no one can wear a uniform except Romanians, etc), and have not bothered to respond to the note. But the Allies have proven unwilling so far to clamp down on Romania because Romania has oil.

The Peace Conference demands that Germany alter its new constitution to remove references to Austria possibly joining.

It also gives Austria the terms of its peace treaty, with 5 days to accept them. The terms include a ban on Austria becoming part of Germany. In a response to Austrian objections, the Conference rejects the idea that Austria should not be treated as a defeated enemy because that was the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which was, like, an entirely different country.  The Conference response says the Austrian people never attempted to cure militarism before the war or object to the start of the war, and anyway the Habsburg Empire was a system of “racial ascendancy and oppression” over the non-German/Magyar populations. Which is a little rich coming from the Allies, who are currently exercising their own racial ascendance & oppression over Indians and Indochinese and Kenyans and Algerians and Filipinos and Irish and... 

In Chicago, a Communist Labor Party of America is founded, with the motto “Workers of the World Unite.” And Dennis Batt, organizer and editor in, I think, a different communist faction, is arrested under the Illinois Sedition Act. In the hall during the meeting, contrary to what this article says.

Mexicans, possibly federal soldiers, shoot across the border, taking down a US military plane.

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